NATE HVAC/R Certification

Technical Training Services, LLC is a NATE Training and Testing Organization.

NATE stands for North American Technician Excellence. Employees in the HVAC/R Trades can receive certification in core skills and their specialty areas. 

Technician Types Tests are currently available for installation, service and senior technicians. These tests give technicians a clear career path and recognize different levels of experience and knowledge. Because technicians decide which tests to take, the NATE program can be tailored to their interests, skill level and geographic location.

HVAC or HVAC/R Installation Technician - A installation technician prepares an installation site (including removal of existing HVAC/R equipment), fabricates connections, and assembles systems as specified in the installation instructions. The technician must be able to properly power up and set control positions to cycle equipment through primary heating, cooling, and blower operations under on-site or off-site supervision of a service or senior technician. The installation technician takes specialized readings, such as temperatures, refrigerant circuit pressure and basic VOM electrical readings of both operating and non-operating equipment.

HVAC or HVAC/R Service Technician - A service technician must be able to accomplish the same tasks as an installation technician, as well as independently power up and adjust control settings to cycle equipment through all designed-for sequences. A service technician must be able to acquire, evaluate, and interpret such readings as may be necessary to determine the adequacy and acceptability of system operation to meet specifications. This technician must be able to perform sufficient field diagnostic procedures to determine causes of inadequate performance and identify corrective actions as necessary.

We offer many options of training and testing to suit your needs.  Contact us by email for training and testing locations or to arrange sessions for your employees. We will arrange testing in Little Falls, MN for anyone interested in NATE certifications.

Some of our NATE sessions will have a morning course review prior to testing. Sessions without a course review will be afternoon exam-only sessions. With all of our exam-only sessions, registered candidates will receive a CD with NATE's KATEs and the RSES/PHCC/ACCA powerpoint presentations as review materials for the exams you have registered for.

Candidates may take up to 2 tests per session.

Fees associated with certification are $250.00 for the Core Skills Exam and $250.00 for each additional skill in your specialty area. If you take 2 exams in one session, the total registration fee would be $500.00. This fee includes instructor/proctor fees, student review materials, testing facility fees, and NATE test fees. On full days with morning training, a noon meal is provided after the training & review session.

We use facilities that meet the requirements for the Americans with Disabilities Act and we can provide interpreters if needed. Please contact us by email if your employees have special needs.

Recommended NATE Training Materials:

The NATE Reference Manual (Big Yellow Binder) by RSES.

Guide to the NATE/ICE Certification Exam by Robert Featherstone and Jesse Riojas. This book has practice exams! A Prentice Hall book available at any book seller and most public librarys.

NATE PowerPoint Presentations - Contact us by email These PowerPoint Presentations are automatically sent to all registered attendees of our NATE exam-only sessions.

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